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NVIDIA Tesla A16 64GB GDDR6 Passive CUDA GPU PCIe Accelerator


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Tesla A16 Overview

Nvidia introduces the Tesla A16, a powerful graphics card designed to meet the demands of high-performance computing and AI applications. With its cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance, the Tesla A16 is the perfect solution for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Quick Spec

Table 1 shows the quick spec of Tesla A16.

Model Tesla A16
Memory 16 GB GDDR6
CUDA Cores 5120
Architecture Ampere
Power Consumption 275W

Product Features

  • Advanced Ampere architecture for exceptional performance
  • 16 GB GDDR6 memory for fast and efficient data processing
  • 5120 CUDA Cores for parallel computing and optimized workloads
  • Efficient power consumption for sustainable performance
  • Support for advanced AI and machine learning applications

Product Applications

  • Deep learning and AI development
  • Scientific simulations and research
  • High-performance computing and data analytics

Supported Options

Table 2 shows the supported options of Tesla A16.

Accessory Model
NVLink Bridge NVLink Bridge A16
Power Cable PCIE Power Cable 8-pin
Driver Software Nvidia Driver 465.21

Compare to Similar Items

Table 3 shows the comparison to similar items of Tesla A16.

Model Differences
Tesla V100 Higher memory capacity
Tesla T4 Lower power consumption
Tesla A100 Increased CUDA Cores
SKU: 900-2G171-0000-100 Category:
Weight 4 kg
Brand Nvidia
Graphics Card
CUDA Cores 5120 | 4x 1280
Tensor Cores 160 | 4x 140
RT Cores 40 | 4x 10
GPU Memory 64 GB GDDR6 with Error Correcting Code (ECC) (16 GB per GPU)
GPU Memory Bandwidth 4x 232 GB/s
Max Power Consumption 250 W
Interconnect PCI Express Gen 4.0 x16
Thermal Solution Passive
vGPU Software Support NVIDIA Virtual PC (vPC)
NVIDIA Virtual Applications (vApps)
NVIDIA RTX Workstation (vWS)
NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server (vCS)
vGPU Profiles Supported See the Virtual GPU Licensing Guide
NVENC | NVDEC 4x | 8x (Includes AV1 Decode)
Secure and Measured Boot with Hardware Root of Trust Yes
NEBS Ready Level 3

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