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Gamesncomps.com dedicated online IT store. Gamesncomps is sister concern of K-25 computer Shoppee Group.K-25 Computer Shoppee is one of the leading IT distribution company in North India operating since its inception in 2000.

Since 2000 K25-Computer Shoppee providing IT services forConsumer, high-end system solution, servers and workstations etc. Gamesncomps.comprovides technological products to customers. Bringing the latest technologies along with the best price-performance combinations to customers have always been a major concern for our Company.

Our Journey:

  • 2000 Started IT Retail Store in Bathinda Punjab .
  • 2002 Retail store setup in Chandigarh.
  • 2006 Started channel distribution in Chandigarh for AMD & BENQ.
  • 2009 Onwards add few more brands for channel distribution like Cooler master, Gigabyte, LaCie, Intel… etc.
  • 2014 New office setup in Ludhiana and started distribution in Punjab & Himachal.
  • 2018 Started web portal ‘’GAMESNCOMPS.COM’’.
  • 2020 New distribution office setup in New Delhi on the name of K25 Computer.
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