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An unannounced Gigabyte motherboard for the Z690 Aorus Master has been leaked creating a huge buzz in the market. As per the information provided so far, GamesnComps is delighted to say that the Z690 Auros Master will be a successor to the Z590 variant and will provide support for Alder Lake’s 12th generation Intel processor. In Aorusanakardollarsar, a total of orange and silver theme was usually preferred. But the purple

and blue accents on the new motherboard stand out directly making it all the more alluring and rockstar release of the week. The layout of the card looks very similar to its predecessor, the Z590 Aorus Master but the main focus of this motherboardcould be a fancy attraction. It has the same E-ATX form factor and the same VRM heatsink.

Evaluating the amazingness of the motherboard we could safely say that the previous Z590 Master had 18 + 1 units with 90A smart power levels, making it one of the most powerful VRM systems on the Z590 platform. However, we can assume that the new Z690 Aorus Master will have the same or more powerful power distribution system and hence will conventionally be available at higher rates than the previous one. We can see the phrase “DDR5” next to the four-

dimensional DIMM spaces, proving that the Z690 Aorus Master provides DDR5 memory support.

However, we will have to wait for the official announcement to see which memory speed has the new chip set and get all the awaited details. The motherboard also shows the locations of three M.2 SSD areas around the top of the PCIe x16. Top space of M. 2 is covered with its heatsink, while the two bottoms share the heatsink with the

Z690 chipset on the right. In addition to the x16 upper space, there are two additional x16 areas at the bottom. As you know, the Alder Lake platform comes with PCIe 5.0 support, and this may be blocked by

a single PCIe X16 slot. Other features include ports of 6 SATA III, USB 3.2 Gen 1, and a front panel header for USB 3.2 Gen 2, power on/off power, and Debug LEG. This motherboard comes with E-ATX form

factor which means that this Gen’s Master series will offer a bigger punch than previous donations. In the background, you can see that the motherboard has BIOS flashback switches, a WiFi 6E connection, and tons of USB ports. Considering the design, this motherboard should cost about Rs.36k-40kprice range easily. However, these are just estimates and we will have to wait for final release to know the prices and offers. We would expect the Aorus Z690 Master to be one of Gigabyte’s leading motherboards on the Alder Lake platform. The high end will include Aorus Extreme and Tachyon models (specializing in overclocking) when released.

Undoubtedly, we expect the release dates to be announced soon. None the less this could one of the biggest festive releases and we all are awaiting this. For more such updates and trending releases stay connected to GamesnComps. You can share your suggestions, queries and opinions below in the comment section. We’ll be pleased to address to your queries.

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