Cooler Master NR200P Cabinet And V750 SFX Power Supply Combo Pack


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4 in stock

NR200P V750 SFX
Tempered glass or Vented Panel: The NR200P comes with the choice of a vented steel side panel for unrestricted airflow, or a crystal-clear tempered glass side panel to reveal the beauty of a computing beast. SFX Form Factor: High-quality PSU that’s compatible with all SFX cases and suitable for mini-ITX system builds.
Realize the Unrestricted Cooling Potential with the NR200P, house up to 7 fans in total for every cooling configuration imaginable. SFX-to-ATX Bracket: With the included bracket, users can install the V SFX Gold securely to an ATX case.
The compact structure of NR200P can efficiently house CPU coolers up to 155mm in height and radiators up to 280mm in length, so even the hottest running hardware can’t be held back. 16 AWG PCI-e Cables: The thicker 16 AWG PCI-e cables allow for higher currents, thereby improving both efficiency and safety.
Triple slot GPUs are supported with a maximum length of 330mm and maximum width of 156mm allowing the fitment of high-end graphics cards. Full-Modular Cabling: Modular cables reduce clutter, increase airflow, and improve overall efficiency and thermal performance.
By adhering to Tool Less ideology, all external panels and top mounted fans in NR200P are secured with pins for easy removal, facilitating quick access to the internals.
Two liquid cooling pump locations alongside side and bottom radiator mounting locations allow for powerful custom water-cooled builds inside a compact enclosure.
Compatible with Mini-ITX and Mini DTX. The PSU can be front mounted for extra motherboard clearance with a maximum size of 244 x 226 mm.

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